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Aleppo ; on the front line

This is a very special afternoon that lived Bruno Girodon and Martine Laroche-Joubert, on May 27 in Aleppo. They spent a few hours alongside the fighters among the most vulnerable, the snipers. These take in plays other snipers, government this time, from one side to the other of a street, a courtyard building. An exceptional document.
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Salahuddin neighborhood,in Aleppo, where fighters are oftenly snipers. (BG/FTV)
They are young and are risking their lives every day. A commitment that was decided when the district has been hit by the first government bombing, when the revolt went from peaceful to military. An obsession: to be identified. One hope : to achieve uncover the enemy. In a Kafkaesque maze, young men eat, sleep and ..shoot to kill.
A non-standard filming on the rebels who seem desperate to regain their "neighborhood." Those few hours punctuated by passages of combat aircraft arrivals and departures of shells, the team select two minutes of footage to achieve a Large format, called "Aleppo, on the front line" broadcast on May 31 to 20 hours of France 2. A story that incorporates other aspects of life in the Syrian city.


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