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S'enduire le visage de sang menstruel pour briser le tabou des règles

La sexothérapeuthe Demetra Nyx a pris d'assaut Instagram avec des selfies sanglants... Le but : montrer que les règles ne sont pas sales.
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S'enduire le visage de sang menstruel pour briser le tabou des règles (© Demetra Nyx sur Instagram)

L’influenceuse et sexothérapeute Demetra Nyx a une façon bien particulière de briser les tabous sur les règlesSur son compte Instagram, elle a posté une dizaine photos et vidéos, où l’on voit son visage ou ses cuisses tartinés de sang menstruel. Dans un entretien accordé au média en ligne Medium, elle explique avoir commencé sa performance sur un coup de tête, alors qu’elle préparait une vidéo sur l’acceptation du corps.


Just a reminder that some days are so painful that all you do is cry and lie in bed but then some days you can cover yourself in blood and dance around the house and are about to launch your podcast and have moved to Southern California where it almost never rains and are making thousands of dollars talking to people about topics that freak most of humanity out and LIFE IS SO GREAT! (That is my reminder to myself. My reminder to you is that you can be whoever you want. And the people who love you will find you always. And the people who don’t will leave. And you can say bye forever because it is way more fun being true to yourself!!!)

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"Après tout, si Demetra s’en met sur le visage, ce n’est pas si dégoûtant"

"Quand j’ai vu les réactions que cela a suscité, j’ai réalisé que ma démarche était radicale", développe-t-elle. Elle ajoute : "Si je m’empare de quelque chose censé être dégoûtant, que je le touche, que je joue avec et que je m’en enduis le visage, alors peut-être qu’une fillette, quelque part, verra du sang entre ses cuisses et se dira « Après tout, si Demetra s’en met sur le visage, ce n’est pas si dégoûtant »."

Demetra Nyx, qui anime le podcast Sex, Love, & Power with Demetra Nyx, affirme par ailleurs au Huffington Post américain que se réapproprier son sang menstruel lui a fait le plus grand bien. "Quand quelque chose a toujours été considéré comme sale et qu’on affirme qu’au contraire, cela est propre et beau, on reprend le pouvoir sur nos propres corps", explique-t-elle.


I used to spend my time worrying about what other people thought of me. I used to keep lists as a 12-year-old: what are all the ways in which I could be more attractive? What are all the ways in which I could make that person like me? How could I make my body more acceptable? How could I hide my blood, my skin, my wrinkles, my fat? In my twenties, the focus on my appearance shifted, but the root of where I spent my energy was the same. It was still spent on forming an image that would make other people approve of me. The one with the strongest body. The one that was peaceful and positive. The one who was a good student, the one who was a good teacher, the one who was fun and bubbly but not too loud. The one who could hold all of her emotions and was always working to get rid of her bad feelings. You have it too, don’t you? The one who is a good mom. The one who is a good daughter. The one who eats the healthiest. The one who is a good person. The one who has the most money. It was the same, though. The focus was different but it was still the same. It was still: how could I make sure the people whose opinions I cared about approved of me? And yet. It turns out none of that was ever necessary. I don’t do anything I do now for anyone’s approval. I don’t care about being seen as strong or successful or pretty or important. I also do not care if I am seen as jealous or angry or insecure or hurt or selfish or loud. Because what I have gained on this journey, finally, is the deepest love and total approval of my Self. What if you deeply, truly loved and *approved* of yourself? That is why I post my blood. It is a little to liberate other women and a lot to please my Self. I get so much pleasure from this ritual and I love feeling so free to share it and I love not caring what the reactions will be. That is how I live my whole life, now. If you want to heal in this way. If you want to learn this. SHAMELESS - my 6-week one-on-one coaching program for women is open for registration from now until November 27th. There are 3 spots available. Are you brave enough to claim yours? Message me xx

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"Ce n’est pas sale"

Mais sa démarche est également politique. Par ses clichés, l’influenceuse de 26 ans entend dénoncer les nombreuses pressions sociétales et économiques qui pèsent sur les femmes. "On se moque de notre sang, on nous taxe sur notre sang, et nous  force à le cacher", dénonce la sexothérapeute.

Quand on lui demande ce qu’elle aimerait dire à une fille qui a ses premières règles, Demetra Nyx répond, pragmatique : "Ce n’est pas sale, même si c’est ce qu’essaie de vous faire croire la publicité. Si vous tachez vos vêtements ou vos draps, ce n’est pas grave, ca arrive à tout le monde."


My blood came today. Eighteen days late. I did not think I was pregnant. My body said: relax. Maybe it was a combination of sickness and antibiotics and herbs and late ovulation. Maybe it was that my body wanted to bleed with the full moon instead. For a year I have bled exactly with the new moon. They say that means nurturance. I wonder if it is a coincidence that I will bleed with the full moon just as I am beginning to create my business, this entire year’s worth of culmination, seven year’s worth of wisdom into one thing. Full moon is creativity, power. Today I sat on the ground and bled into the earth. In a dark red, velvet skirt. The clouds, the forest blowing wildly around me. It is this connection with nature that I know to be true most deeply. That the trees have me. That we are of each other. I MISSED bleeding. I didn’t realize how accustomed I had become to my cycle, to knowing my moods and my rhythms, until I was thrown off. My body was deeply missing this feeling of dreamy connectedness, this time of retreat. It was weird not to have it. My blood is magic. It is worth being celebrated. The wisdom of our wombs was taken from womxn a long time ago. I’ve taken mine back. Five years ago in the fall I was throwing up black. The trees did this same thing except it was raining. Today it felt like the completion of a cycle. I don’t know what that means yet, exactly; but it means something. Today I wonder how you connect to the inner part of you that knows. That knows you’re meant for more, to feel more, to be more, that this isn’t all there is for you. I have followed that part of me always and that has made all the difference. ❤️❤️????

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Des princesses vêtues de robes tachées de sang

La démarche de Demetra Nyx rappelle celle de l’artiste Saint Hoax, qui publiait sur Instagram, en 2015, des dessins de la petite sirène, de Blanche-Neige et de la Belle au Bois dormant vêtues de robes tachées de sang au niveau de l’entrejambe. Avec ce détournement, l’artiste voulait rappeler et faire comprendre que les menstruations sont un processus totalement naturel, dont il ne faut pas avoir honte.

"Il y a beaucoup d'ignorance et de honte qui entourent ce sujet" estimait-il. "Le fait qu'une fille se sente obligée de s'excuser pour quelque chose d'aussi naturel est beaucoup plus effrayant qu'une tache de sang", déclarait l'artiste.


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